Fall is the Time to Replace A Furnace

3 Reasons Why a New Furnace Installation Should be Done Now

make every room warm this winter with a new efficient furnace

Hanna Heating technicians time to replace a furnace in a Wichita home

When is the right time to replace a furnace? It’s a question we get asked all the time at Hanna Heating & Air. Often we are out to a Wichita home for a repair or to perform seasonal heater maintenance when a homeowner asks us how many more years their furnace can be relied upon to keep working.

To put it simply, if you are wondering if it’s time to replace your furnace, it probably is as you likely have a good reason to ask. A properly working furnace doing its job should be the last thing on your mind.

We will go over the top 3 reasons why RIGHT NOW is an excellent time to get a new furnace.

Reason 1: Last Winter Was a Struggle

Was it hard to stay warm last winter? Are you finding that it’s been difficult to keep your home warm throughout every winter? This is an unfortunate reality for a lot of Kansas homeowners.

Let’s be clear: You should not accept that sometimes you have to deal with being cold in your home. You may think so because that’s the way it was when you grew up, but things were different back then.

Expect a furnace to heat every room of your home

Technology has greatly improved for heating and air systems. Just as you probably never imagined mobile phones many decades ago, there are now new HVAC technology that didn’t exist 20-30 ago.

If your heating system is not thoroughly warming your entire home throughout the entire winter, something does not work as well as it should. And on top of that, what extra work your furnace is doing to try to meet your temperature demands may actually be wasting a lot of energy (and a lot of energy costs).

Reason 2: Cost is Keeping You from Buying a New Furnace

We get it. A new furnace is a big investment. You have come to the conclusion that your heating system isn’t cutting it anymore, but you think the expense seems too much. But when you do all the math, you will see that a new furnace should SAVE YOU MONEY.

While purchasing a new furnace does result in a large bill up front, this is a one-time cost. Don’t forget about the other cost to heating your home – your energy bills. When you factor that in, you’ll see the true math of what a new furnace will cost or save you.

Imagine if you cut your energy costs by 20% or more.

New furnace can reduce monthly energy costs by 20%

Let’s do the math. Assuming you have an older furnace with about a 70% efficiency rating, you are probably spending an average of $200 each month for your energy bill. Now let’s suppose you buy a new furnace that has a 95% efficiency rating. That is an energy savings you’ll get of 25%. Your monthly bills may now be about $150.

In the first year with your new furnace, you will spend $600.00 less on energy bills. After 10 years, you will save $6000.00!

Reason 3: Your Old Furnace Needs Repairs

Just because your furnace needs some repairs doesn’t mean it needs to be replaced. Some heating issues are minor and can be easily fixed. You may find a loose bolt just needs to be tightened. You would be surprised to learn how many problems can be remedied just by changing a dirty air filter!

Check out our Broken Heater Checklist on the issues that homeowners may be able to easily handle themselves.

Unfortunately, sometimes a repair is not going to resolve the bigger problem. If your heater is old and needing repairs at the beginning of a Kansas winter, it may just be the tip of the iceberg. We have a helpful guide with a flow chart to help you make the decision when your furnace should be repaired vs replaced.

Will you have to worry about it breaking down when it is freezing outside? It is vital to have a heating system that you can rely upon to keep you safe and warm throughout the entire winter. Hanna Heating & Air has provided professional friendly service to businesses and homeowners over the greater Wichita area since 1983 and can be trusted to provide the repair or replacement that your home needs.

Hanna Heating & Air been in business in Wichita since 1983

Time to Replace a Furnace

Make that investment to improve your home’s comfort this fall or whatever time of year – Call Hanna Heating & Air today! We will make sure to install the heating system that your home needs to keep you warm all winter long. We have three locations to conveniently service communities across southcentral Kansas.

For Hanna’s Wichita location, call (316) 945-3481.

For Hanna’s Andover location, call (316) 733-7913.

For Hanna’s Newton location (previously Denny’s Heating & Cooling), call (316) 283-1598.

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