No Heat: Furnace Exhaust Vent Blocked

How to Tell if Your Furnace is Venting Properly

Solving the Mystery of No Heat

Your home’s heating system does not just consist of a furnace in your basement. It is an entire HVAC system that works its way through vents and other components throughout your home.

That is why when a furnace breaks down, there are potentially a lot of different possible causes. One of those problems that may easily go unnoticed by homeowners is a blocked furnace exhaust vent.

blocked furnace exhaust vent pipeCustomer 5-Star Review for Fixing Plugged Exhaust

Hanna Heating & Air Conditioning has provided professional furnace repair and installation service to Wichita for over 4 decades. Our skilled team recently helped a Newton homeowner who had a blocked furnace exhaust vent.

“Called a different company last winter because my furnace wouldn’t work. They came out and told me I needed to spend a bunch of money on a bunch of different parts to get it working.

I called Denny’s (aka Hanna Heating & Air in Newton) and they came out same day, diagnosed it and found spider webs in my outside exhaust vent.

Charged me half what the other guy charged me and fixed the problem. No parts needed. Then this summer my AC wasn’t working right. They patched it up best they could to keep it running until they can install the new one. Gave me the best price they could on a new unit. Highly recommend them!”

-BK Tucker – Newton, KS

What is a Furnace Exhaust Vent?

Modern high efficiency heating systems have two pipes sticking out of your house. These pipes are the combustion air intake and the combustion air exhaust pipe.

Signs of a Blocked Exhaust Vent

furnace exhaust ventA blocked furnace exhaust vent can lead to a variety of issues that you may be able to detect including:

  1. Unusual or strange odors could be an indication of incomplete combustion due to blocked venting. This can release dangerous gases like carbon monoxide into your living space.
  2. If your carbon monoxide detector goes off, it’s crucial to take it seriously. A blocked exhaust vent can cause carbon monoxide to build up inside your home, which is a silent and potentially lethal threat.
  3. If your furnace frequently shuts down and restarts, it might be safety mechanisms kicking in to prevent the buildup of harmful gases.

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  1. A blocked exhaust vent can lead to inefficient furnace operation, resulting in uneven heating or reduced airflow throughout your home.

What Causes a Furnace Exhaust Pipe to Be Clogged?

Several different things can cause a blockage in your furnace exhaust vent including:

  • Rodents or birds getting inside the vent
  • Snow blocking vent
  • Leaves gathering around or in the vent
  • Soot buildup in the vent
  • The vent could have blockage from being damaged or rusted out

snow on wichita home roofIncreased Liklihood After Big Snow Storm

If you lose heat shortly after a very large snow fall, you should check for a blocked furnace exhaust pipe.

It is rare for our part of Kansas to get a large accumulation of snow. But on those rare cold snaps with a lot of precipitation, a large snow fall could block your furnace exhaust vent. Look to see if the snow has piled up around your furnace intake and exhaust pipes. If so, shovel it away to make sure the area around and below those pipes are clear from the snow.

If that doesn’t get your heat to turn back on, contact Hanna Heating & Air for a quick furnace fix.

Safety Precautions and DIY Solutions

A blocked furnace exhaust vent is a safety concern, so it is best to rely on a professional HVAC technician. However, there are some steps homeowners can take.

Here are some safety precautions and DIY tips to follow:

  1. If you suspect a blocked exhaust vent, turn off your furnace immediately and refrain from using it until the issue is resolved.
  2. Safely inspect the exhaust vent from the outside and remove any visible debris, such as leaves or twigs.
  3. During winter, regularly clear snow and ice buildup around the exhaust vent to ensure proper ventilation.
  4. To prevent debris and small animals from entering the exhaust vent, consider installing a vent cap or screen. Ensure it is installed correctly to avoid creating additional blockages. Note: Installing a screen or something not designed to cover a furnace exhaust pipe can actually cause blockage and furnace problems.

Graphic showing phone number for emergency 24/7 furnace repairProfessional Wichita Furnace Exhaust Pipe Repair

For a thorough examination of a blocked furnace exhaust vent, seek professional assistance from Hanna Heating & Air or other Wichita HVAC company. Our experienced technicians have the expertise and equipment to safely inspect and clean the venting system. We will ensure your furnace operates efficiently and safely throughout the winter.

If you suspect a blocked exhaust vent or encounter any of the warning signs mentioned above, act promptly. Stay warm, stay safe, and let us handle your heating needs with care. Contact us today to schedule furnace maintenance service.

If you have any problems with your furnace, just call on the HVAC experts at Hanna Heating & Air! Contact us online for service or call us at any of our three convenient locations:

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